General Safety Measures

  • Protect Your Hands. Oven mitts, leather gloves, or thick hand towels can prevent freezer burn when handling dry ice.
  • Isolate. DO NOT leave dry ice unattended around children.
  • Ventilation. Sublimating dry ice gives off a fog (carbon dioxide gas) that can be dangerous if confined. Use dry ice outdoors or in ventilated areas.
  • Never taste or swallow.

Dry Ice In A Container

We also provide two sizes of coolers: Small (holds up to 15 lbs) and Large (holds up to 50 lbs).

  • Fortify. Dry ice can be used in combination with cubes or blocks of water ice. Solid CO2 will help keep frozen H2O longer.
  • Wrap It. Confine blocks of dry ice in several sheets of newspaper or towels to slow the sublimation process so ice keeps longer.
  • Pack On Top. Dry ice can be loaded on top or below food in a container. YETI notes food is kept cold longer when dry ice is packed closer to the food.
  • No Dead Space. When packing a container, minimize air pockets to keep dry ice frozen longer. Water, ice or a towel can be used to fill in open spaces in a container.
  • Cover It. For maximum chill, store your container in shade and cover it with a blanket or sleeping bag.