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We supply premium quality dry ice that keeps your packages cold for a longer time until it reaches your destination. Contact us today for your orders, we offer delivery services to your doorstep.

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A Practical and Efficient Alternative To Wet Ice

Dry ice is renowned for being a practical and efficient alternative to wet ice. More than just acting as a cooling agent for frozen goods, it does not leave any residue or melting water as it sublimates. Dry ice is the best choice when it comes to preserving and chilling frozen goods for a long period of time. Here at BioCo2 Freeze we supply dry ice in pellet form, by the pound, with a 5 lbs minimum order.

Why Choose BioCo2 Freeze?

  • Available for both personal and commercial use
  • Supply in wide range of quantities (5 lbs minimum)
  • We also offer two cooler sizes for dry ice: Small (15 lbs) and Large (50 lbs)
  • Delivery services available
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We offer delivery services throughout Miami Dade County. Order Today